Squint Eyewear is pleased to announce our recent opportunity to offer you the creations of local frame manufacturer rapp EYEWEAR. Globally respected for their quality of craftsmanship, the Rapp family’s limited-edition collections of hand-finished eyeglasses are stocked at a select few boutiques throughout the world as well as their own shop in Toronto.

Established in 2001, the design house was founded by Mel Rapp, a respected optician by trade. His wife, Julia, coordinates the collection’s unique colour palettes and their son, Shilo, takes care of the design for their extensive collection while overseeing the manufacturing process. Each of them brings their unique expertise to a process they have mastered over the years. Since its inception, an eccentric sensibility has influenced the aesthetic direction of their brand.

Frames by rapp EYEWEAR have a signature look and are distinguished by the pairing of a mostly matte acetate front with unpolished titanium temples. This contrasting material combination makes the frames instantly
recognizable. Notable owners of rapp EYEWEAR are musician Sir Elton John and visual artist David Hockney.

Because of the success of their exports worldwide, their innovation and their positive effect on employment in Ontario, the Rapp family were the recipients of an Ontario Business Achievement Award in 2012. It is Squint Eyewear’s privilege to be working with them, locally, in a spirit of co-operation and mutual support.