Meet Our Team

Our team is comprised of members with diverse cultural backgrounds, training and interests. We are committed to providing our clients with exeptional service and a unique experience.

Our team is comprised of members with diverse cultural backgrounds, training and interests. We are committed to providing our clients with exceptional service and a unique experience.

Adriano Giansante

Manager Downtown Oakville

Registered Optician

Adriano enjoys the outdoors, exercising and spending quality time with his family. He loves to collect different types of hockey and baseball cards. His favorite food is a homemade plate of pasta.

Mahdieh Fazli

Manager Uptown Yonge

Registered Optician

Maddy embraces the principles of positivity: good thoughts, good words, and good deeds. She finds joy in traveling, reading, delicious food, beautiful music, breathtaking scenery, and inspiring individuals. Her aspiration is to live life to its fullest and ensure every client achieves perfect vision.

Sibel Erenler

Manager Bayview Village

Registered Optician

Sibel likes to expand her knowledge by watching documentaries and reading articles about science and health. She also enjoys listening to music and spending time with her friends. Sibel is crazy about keeping up to date with trending fashion. She also has diverse taste in T.V. programs and loves to share her recommendations.

Nick Cardillo

Manager Royal Bank Plaza

Registered Optician

Nick enjoys fine dining and sampling new wines. He loves cruising with his family to new countries, particularly in Europe and the Mediterranean. Nick is quite an accomplished musician, favouring the electric guitar.

Wenber Baria

Registered Optician

Wenber enjoys walking on trails and exploring nature. During her spare time she likes to watch documentaries on animals and food vlogs! Wenber also enjoys listening to music and trying new restaurants!


Niharika Nirankari

Student Optician

Niharika is a quad-lingual world traveller who’s passionate about exploring new cultures. She’s a girl next door, ambitious to become the better version of herself and to do more. Niharika was competitive in rhythmic gymnastics back home and now enjoys playing pool with friends. Here at Squint Eyewear, she feels at home and considers everyone as family.

Renato Dapello

Student Optician

Renato enjoys dancing, gaming and cooking for friends and family. Always happy to meet new people, learn new things and go the distance. Renato knows all too well the importance of seeing well and looking great.



Danielle Stuart

Student Optician

Danielle is a fashion enthusiast and avid traveler who loves to explore new cultures and learn new languages in her free time. Her passion for fashion has led her to explore the latest trends and styles from around the world. Danielle enjoys trying new restaurants and sampling different cuisines.

Michelina D’Elia


Michelina is the mother of three daughters who keep her very busy. In her free time she enjoys watching old musicals, especially anything with dancing in it. She also enjoys cooking when she has all the family together for the holidays.

Annie Karadjian

Office Manager

Annie is a devoted wife and mother of two amazing grown-up children. Passionate about cooking, she relishes the opportunity to bring her family together over a homemade meal. Always looking forward to her next travel adventure, she values the time she spends with family and friends. A true optimist, Annie prefers to see the cup as half full rather than half empty. Her welcoming demeanor and genuine interest in others make her a valuable team member at work.

David Currie

Creative Director / Buyer

Registered Optician

David’s curiosity and interests have a global scope, but his core values were established by the farmers, nurses and teachers who raised him in rural Ontario. Other significant influences have been Grace Jones, Leonard Cohen and the print makers of the Cape Dorset Fine Arts Co-Operative.

Samir Patel

Director of Operations

Registered Optician

Samir enjoys travelling and exploring places and food he has never experienced before. He will never say no to tacos! He is a die hard Toronto sports fan and probably won’t show up to work the day Leafs win the Stanley Cup. Don’t be content… be art.

Amin Mamdani


Registered Optician

Amin is an entrepreneur and the inexplicably fortunate father of two beautiful and caring souls. Amin loves winters, but mainly from the inside while enjoying a bowl of homemade French onion soup. Living one day at a time and enjoying life with 20/20 vision.