Michael is a Canadian contemporary artist based in Los Angeles. His extensive knowledge and unique experience with eyewear is highly appreciated. He is beyond passionate about frames while owning more than 600 pairs. Michael has one of the world’s largest collection of vintage brands such as Porsche Designand Carrera. We are proud to say, Michael has been a loyal Squinter since we opened up.blank
What do you look for when selecting a new pair?
Something’s are always standard for me when I’m looking for a new pair: and three of those things are Heritage,Craftsmanship and I want it to put a big smile on my face.
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Paintings by Noah Gould

Do you keep up on eyewear trends or seasons? If so, how?
Yes I definitely keep up on the trends and seasons in the eyewear world. I wouldn’t say that I follow trends, still, I am always keen on what is happening, and it always seems like the trends tend to follow me!
blanHow would you describe your personal style?
My personal style is more of a Japanese Americana.


Who inspires you the most in fashion?
There are many people that inspire me in fashion including The Brunswicks, Lennon, Bowie, Jagger. The brands that really inspire me are Kapital, Matsuda and Oliver Peoples.
Who are some of your favourite eyewear designers?

Some of my favorite brands have to be Matsuda, Oliver Peoples,GLCO, Jean Paul Gaultier, Alain Mikli and Theo.

What is the one pair you just can’t live without?
Two serious favorites have to be my Vintage Matsuda 2809 and my vintage Oliver Peoples O’malley SLG 41mm.I am confident that as material possessions, I could live without them.