Kate is our youngest, most loyal Squint fan.  She has been a client for over 7 years and her prized collection of eyewear goes to show that it’s never too early to start expressing your personal style.

Over the years, Kate has purchased over 20 pairs of eyeglasses and sunglasses to match her style and her changing needs. No wonder, she was the star of our very own Kids’ Eyewear campaign in 2011.


We interviewed her to get her musings on kids eyeglasses.


What has been your most favorite frame so far?
My favourite pair so far is my first pair of red ones because when I wore them my aunt started calling me Ruby.  That is still my nickname.

How do you decide which one to wear when?
I choose eyeglasses that I think will go with my outfit best.  I try to wear many different ones during the week.

What do you look for when selecting a new pair?
I like plastic frames.  I look for colours that I don’t have and a fun design.

How do you store your glasses?
I have 2 eyeglass boxes.  One stores 4 pairs and the other stores 6 pairs.

Do you ever travel with multiple pairs?
When I go on vacation I wear one pair and I bring another colour of eyeglasses.  I also bring my sunglasses and swimming goggles.  I have single eyeglasses cases for all of these.

Is there a particular style/colour that you’re eyeing for your next pair?
I like to go through all of the eyeglasses in the kids section and see what I like best.  I also like when Adriano gives me suggestions.

If you could design your own collection of eyewear, what would you call it?
Ruby’s Eyewear.

Which famous personality would you collaborate with?
I would like all my friends who wear eyeglasses to help me and we would be famous!


Take a look at Kate’s stylish eyewear over the years.  Here’s to another 20 pairs, Kate!