June 22, 2016 PRETTY PASTELS

Q: With temps rising, I can’t wait to try some of the lighter shades in eyewear that I have seen in magazines, but not sure which colour would be right for me. Can you suggest pastel eyeglasses for my olive complexion? 


A: Now is the perfect time to stash those heavy framed glasses and break into the lighter shades for spring and summer. Here are some tips on choosing the right pastel for you.


 designer eyeglasses brandsBlack Hair & Dark Skin tone
The palest of the pastel palette, nude pinks, watery violets, ice blues and mint greens are best suited to those with darker features, skin tones and hair colours.  These sheer shades bring a hint of colour while allowing your deep features to shine through.


 Select frames with nude pinks, watery violets, ice blues and mint greens. We suggest: Etnia Barcelona’s Treviso BRPK | Theo’s Jordaens 10 (Rose Gold)


designer eyeglasses brandsBrunette Hair & Olive Skin Tone

 If you’re lucky enough to fall right in the middle of blonde and deep features, i.e. An Olive Complexion, then the choice is yours! From soft watery tones through to the strongest of pastel options are sure to suit you fine.

 Select frames with pastels and a bit more colour.
blandesigner eyeglasses brands

Blonde Hair & Light Skin Tone       

Blondes tend to be better suited to pastels with a bit more colour to them or what colour experts refer to as medium value colours.  These tones can offer a pop of colour to a fair featured face.


Select frames with soft watery tones through to the strongest of pastel options.We suggest: Mykita’s Elizabeth’s (Pink Sherbert, Clear) | Orgreen Drummer


Come in to the store today and try some of these pretty pastels for yourself!