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    I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your manager Ensy Davatgar, at Bayview Village. She has been more than patient with my family and I, providing expert advice and personal recommendations. She is a winner and you are lucky to have her.


    Donna L. (Dec. 2020)

    What an incredible store in Bayview Village Mall to purchase eyeglasses. My husband & I met a very friendly Ensy to make an appointment. (Due to COVID-19 all visits are by appointments only). We next met Asal on our visit to purchase glasses. Asal picked out many frames to suit me. All frames are well made, unique & top quality. Between Asal, my husband & myself we decided on a pair of beautiful frames. Asal is friendly, knowledgeable & extremely helpful. We will be back many times. Thanks Squint for a great shopping experience.


    Ileen. (Nov. 2020)

    I was so impressed by the amazing service I was afforded at Squint. I was helped by Asal at your Bayview branch. She is a credit your company in the helpful, friendly and knowledgeable service she gave me. In the future I will definitely return to your company knowing that I will be assisted by highly qualified salespeople like Asal. In all I could not have wished for a better shopping experience owing to Asal’s exemplary service.


    Diane. (Oct. 2020)

    I have put off getting progressive lenses for far too long. I thought it would be impossible to adjust. Adriano in Oakville was exceptionally professional and knowledgeable. I love my new glasses and the transition was seamless.


    Heather. (Sept. 2020)

    Nick love you man! You’re professional and knowledgeable, exceptional service throughout the whole process, highly recommended for anyone who seek perfection in their optical eyewear!


    Michael H. (Sept. 2020)

    Excellent service & so knowledgeable. Thank you Sibel.


    Mary-Anne. (Aug 2020)

    Nick is not only a great person at heart, but also a true professional. His passion exemplifies in everything that he does and his meticulous nature is a rare find. Even if I would be on the other side of the world and need services for my glasses, I would fly back to see him again! .


    Mike. (July 2020)

    For years I have been going to Squint Eyewear on Yonge St. in North Toronto. I just picked up my fourth pair of glasses, and as always, am so happy with my new frames and lenses. The service is excellent. A big thank you, Samir and Amin, for the personal attention you’ve shown me.


    Chris M. (May 2020)

    Please leave a comment and tell us how we did!



      Your Comments*

      On Friday, April 3rd I e-mailed Ensy to inquire as to whether or not my glasses/lenses had arrived and if so, could they be couriered to my home address. She replied that the owner of the store, Amin would be calling me to make arrangements to personally deliver my glasses. On the following Monday, Amin hand delivered my glasses to my place of work. I am definitely a very delighted and satisfied customer! I can hardly wait until the store re-opens so that I can purchase a pair of sunglasses. The quality of my glasses are the best that I have ever had. Not too mention their uniqueness. Thank you very much Ensy and Amin for your attention to detail. You both went above and beyond!!


      Patti K. (April 2020)

      I visited Squint Eyewear in Royal Bank Plaza during February 2020 and I was absolutely delighted with the incredible service I received. The staff were fantastic and extremely helpful and the glasses are of exceptional quality. I will recommend Squint to all of my colleagues. Thank you for being so helpful.


      Louise M. (Feb. 2020)

      Squint Eyewear at Bayview Village offers excellent service and has become my go-to optical store, ever since I purchased a pair of colourful and contemporary frames several years ago. I have received so many compliments on them and returned recently to purchase two more pairs of eyeglasses. Asal, who has a good eye for styles which suit me, assisted me with the selection. She is also very friendly and takes great care in her measurements and adjustments to ensure good fit and vision. She is a cut above and so is the store!


      Laura M. (Jan. 2020)

      I was very fortunate that I met Ayzhan when I first tried Squint in the Royal Bank Plaza. Selecting my glasses has proven to be a productive collaborative process. Ayzhan is not intimidating, knows an immense amount about frames and lenses, understands my prescription and its implications for my frames, suggested solutions to avoid repeating historical issues with glasses, voices her candid opinion, and, on every level, is a joy to work with., I value Ayzhan’s input. because her only objective is to ensure that I get stylish and comfortable glasses. I can’t say enough great things about her.


      Christine (Jan. 2020)

      After visiting numerous stores in search of glasses for my 2 yr old I was so happy to finally find the perfect pair at Squint Oakville. Adriano was so patient and informative, it was an excellent experience from the moment we walked in. They had an excellent selection of frames to choose from and Adriano walked us through which would be the best aesthetically and technically for my daughters face frame and prescription. Trying on glasses with a toddler can be a very frustrating process and the team at Squint we’re so patient and kind. I would highly recommend this store and will definitely be going back for my own pair of glasses.


      Jessica. (Jan. 2020)

      I recently purchased a new pair of glasses at Squint in Oakville and was extremely impressed by the service and quality of frames available. Adriano assisted me with selecting a frame and lens that suited my style and needs perfectly. Fantastic experience. Thank you Adriano and Squint.


      Jeff C. (Jan. 2020)

      It was such an wonderful experience to shop at Squint Eyewear at the Royal Bank Plaza location. Nick and his team provided personal and exceptional service every time! They are very attentive to details and have never rushed me. They also offered great service after my purchase. Always greet me with a smile whenever I need to adjust my glasses. Top notch service!


      Russel (Dec. 2019)

      Nick has been my go-to specialist for glasses for many years even before he joined Squint and I was very happy to find him again at the newly opened Squint location at the Royal Bank plaza. I decided to get new glasses from Squint and wasn’t disappointed. Nick’s customer service was nothing short of exemplary, as always. I was also impressed by the modern testing methods Squint uses and most of all – by how amazingly clear the Nikon lenses in my new glasses are. They made a huge difference – even after a week I still have that “wow” feeling every morning when I put them on. My eye stress has been reduced greatly and I can now see the world in stunning detail, even with my high prescription numbers. Will definitely go back again, thank you Nick and Squint!


      Igor (Dec. 2019)

      I went into Squint to see if you folks sell generic temple cushions and the gentleman behind the counter took the time to go look in the back room to see if there was anything to match my glasses. He found something that was a pretty close match (approx 98% match). I asked him what I owe and he said he would not know what to charge me and for me to remember the name Squint! Absolutely, I will remember for any new frames and glasses and will be happy to pass along my great customer experience to family and friends!
      Thank you very much!


      (Nov. 2019)

      I purchased my first pair of Mykita glasses from the Uptown location with the assistance from Nidhi. She was very helpful finding me the right pair of glasses and the right type of lenses .All in all I was satisfied with the service and the overall quality of the glasses I received .


      L.D (Oct 2019)

      I followed Nick to Squint at Royal Bank Plaza because, over many years, he has provided me with the very best customer service. It didn’t matter where he went, I would have followed. So I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality of the frames and lenses. Noticeably clearer with Nikon. Excellent service and excellent quality — a rare combination these days!


      Murray S. (Nov. 2019)

      Excellent quality frames and lenses. Fit is better than I ever had before. Lens clarity is excellent and very thin and lightweight for my high prescription. Top customer service from Nic at RBC location.


      Vadim (Nov. 2019)

      Approximately 4.5 weeks ago I had a pair of Matsuda sunglasses that I previously purchased from Squint cleaned and tightened by Bryan. Not only did he a do a fantastic job but his attitude, professionalism and friendliness is truly a credit to the organization-to put it bluntly he represented the company in a most complimentary and flattering light. That day, I had no intention of acquiring another pair of sunglasses but his demeanor and infectious enthusiasm prompted me to buy another pair of Matsuda eyewear.
      When I picked up this set a week after ordering, I again received fantastic service but this time from Asal, Ava, Ensy, Andrea and Sibel who did a tremendous job of taking care of my needs while explaining the myriad positive attributes of these sunglasses. Needless to say I was incredibly impressed by their knowledge and overall attitude of these Squint representatives. They were exceedingly friendly, professional and an absolute pleasure to deal with. All my questions and queries were promptly answered and they really made me feel like a valued customer; at no time was I pressured to buy anything or made to feel like a troublesome individual. They all took their time and were commendably patient even if I may have been a burden or nuisance that particular day. I cannot accentuate enough how admirable this was considering the inordinate amount of time that I took up with my many questions/issues that crept up during my visit to the Bayview Village store.
      After everything is said and done, I’ve ordered and received another 2 pairs of sunglasses which was again a spur of the moment event. All the Squint employees that I ‘ve dealt with (Bryan, Asal, Ava, Sibel, Andrea and Ensy) are top notch and are the epitome of how people should be treated in a retail environment. In this competitive domain, they’ve managed to find a way of separating themselves from other similar companies through their professionalism, knowledge, friendliness, attention to detail, enthusiasm, inter alia. I cannot say enough good things about them and Squint has become my de facto store of choice in regard to my sunglasses purchasing behaviour. In the near future (next 2-3 weeks) I will be acquiring yet another pair of Dita shades to go along with my Nacht-Two frames. This purchase directly correlates with the exceptional way that I’ve been treated and cannot be stressed or reiterated enough.
      These customer representatives/opticians adhere to a quality service paradigm which is admirable to say the least and at the risk of sounding repetitive, I’ve been thoroughly impressed by the way that I’ve been valued and will be a lifelong customer. The manner in which I’ve been treated is most refreshing and serves as a testimonial as to what a successful retail-consumer relationship should constitute. I cannot say enough positive adjectives about these Squint Eyewear employees and hope that the owner(s) will recognize them for their diligence, hard work, product knowledge, superlative efficacy and their overall impeccable standards concerning the treatment of clientele.


      Sean C. (Nov. 2019)

      I recently bought my second pair of glasses from Squint; I had such a good experience with the first that my husband came with me, and ended up buying a new pair of himself as well. Not only does Squint have a selection of unique and good quality eyewear, but their customer service is stellar. I felt very well looked after by Amin (1st pair) and Nidhi (2nd pair). They made sure my fit was comfortable, that the glasses suited my face as well as my specific needs and preferences. I’m a children’s book illustrator and writer, and wanted something fun and colourful. My husband’s more conservative but wanted a change from the glasses he’s worn for years. We are both super-happy with our purchases. Thank you, Squint!


      Debbie R. (Oct 2019)

      I purchased my second pair with Ayzhans excellent and professional guidance. She, as well as, Adriano and Michelina, really care about your experience.  Ayzhan was upbeat, friendly and passionate about providing the best eye care possible. Squint? Well, they just get it!!!


      Richard (Aug 2019)

      I recently purchased 3 pairs of glasses from the Oakville location and I am extremely happy with all 3 pairs. Adriano, Michelina and Ayzhan went above and beyond to ensure that I was totally happy with my purchase. They were very helpful and attentive to my needs and took their time to ensure that the glasses were a perfect fit for me. They offer first class glasses and service!


      E.L (Jul 2019)

      I recently bought 3 new pairs of glasses from Squint Eyewear on Yonge Street. I was greatly impressed by their unique selection of good quality eyewear. As well and perhaps most importantly, their service was excellent. Nidhi was not only wonderful in helping me choose frames that suited my face and sense of style, she was also meticulous in taking measurements to ensure they were perfect for me. Samir was equally great in ensuring that their fit was very comfortable. I highly recommend them for the next time you need new glasses.”


      Leslie (Mar 2019)

      Five stars plus! I love my frames but more–the professionalism and service were superior in every respect. Nidhi is outstanding–offering up a frame I might not have looked at on my own–and it was perfect! Thank you Nidhi and Squint Eyewear on Yonge. I’m more than pleased!


      Sharon B. (Mar 2019)

      From the quality of products to the interior design, this place offers a very warm and fashionable atmosphere. Add to it, an impeccable customer service, and you will end up wanting to go back next time you will need glasses. Adriano, you understand specific needs and preferences and that made it easier for me to choose the best option. I appreciate being looked after even after leaving with my glasses. Michelina, your attentive presence creates a team spirit that provides comfort and adds to the quality of the experience.


       Carmen I. (Feb 2019)

      Very nice mall but most stores are fairly high end so be prepared!. Am a fan of Pusateri’s, and when the sales are on: Olsen’s (womenswear), David’s, Stuart Weitzman and Ron White (shoes and handbags). But mostly I go to Bayview for Squint Eyewear as it’s the best eyewear store in the city. Amazing selection of curated frames and the expert staff are service oriented and friendly. If you go, ask for David Currie! He’s amazing!. He always finds the perfect frames in the first few tries and gives great advice. The expertise, service and quality products are worth the price.


       Dana D. (Jan 2019)

      For those who already know, or perhaps don’t yet know about the awesome staff at Squint Eyewear in Oakville. Take the time to visit and you will quickly realize how great they are at looking after all of your eyewear needs! Adriano and Michelina, thank you once again for all your help and guidance in choosing a great pair of Matsuda Designer frames with Zeiss lenses and for new lenses for my Gold & Wood frames. For many years our Family members eyewear needs have been looked after by the amazing and truly Professional staff in Oakville who have provided us with great looking eyewear that never ceases to provoke the question from others…WOW where did you get your glasses? Thank you again, Adriano & Michelina, for the impeccable Service. It’s always a pleasure to see you both and feel assured that you always do your utmost in looking after us.


      Tom M. (Jan 2019)

      My Squint experience was a pleasant experience indeed. Thank you Nidhi for your patience and style. She rocks! The only difficulty I had was trying to narrow my choice from 10 pairs to 1. My glasses fit wonderful and I loved that they were done and ready for me in a week. I’ve bought glasses at other stores before and Squint by far has the best selection and quality that you feel the moment you put them on. So worth the cost for something I’ll be wearing all day every day. I’m saving now for my next pair. Squint Eyewear not only has the best window displays in Oakville, their selection of glasses are exceptional and worth the bucks. Keep up the awesome window displays, they’re the best in Oakville


      Pam B. (Jan 2019)

      Was in Toronto visiting family from South Dakota and was looking for new frames since back home I don’t have the greatest selection and I was so happy to find some random blog post that listed Squint as a place to shop. They have a wonderful selection of brands from the US and the world and Samir and Nidhi were fantastic and being excellent guides and were obviously passionate about making sure their customers felt fantastic and were so knowledgeable as well! Highly recommend the Yonge St store to anyone who is in the market for some new frames, you won’t regret it! (They also have fantastic espresso 😜)


      Micheal N. (Jan 2019)

      Amazing experience at Squint Eyewear. My daughter needed a pair of glasses (first ever) and we went to 3-4 different places before heading to Squint. The service was amazing. Rather than talking to us (parents), the staff spoke directly to her- asking her what she liked, didn’t like, helping her select and providing a warm, fun, exciting experience to choose her first pair of glasses. She found a pair that looked fabulous, got to select her own case and left amazing about her new specs. Samir and his team are great!


       (Jan 2019)

      Well the team at Squint has done it again! The service of the whole team was excellent as usual and Ensy – Thank-you for helping me pick out another exquisite pair of glasses. They are now my favorite and look like candy with the custom designed layers of colours! So many compliments and they match everything I wear! Again another piece of “Candy” for the face! Can’t wait to see what designs you’ll come up with next!


      Alroy V (Dec. 2018)

      Just had the loveliest experience shopping at the uptown Toronto store. I found the entire staff charming, knowledgeable and very helpful. Nidhi was exceptionally helpful in choosing frames to suit from their vast remarkable selection. My difficult prescription was completed beautifully. I am very pleased and have already returned to purchase sunglasses. Brought my daughter along to get a new pair of specs for her as well. Great experience!


      Barbara B (Dec. 2018)

      The Squint Eyewear store in Uptown Toronto has an excellent selection of unique frames, and their customer service is outstanding. Nidhi was extremely helpful in both choosing frames and for adjustments to ensure that they were comfortable. I would definitely recommend Squint for your eyewear needs.


      Jennifer M (Dec. 2018)

      I can only agree with all the other accolades given Nidhi and the entire staff at Squint. They are all true professionals and you can be assured of 100% of their attention any time you go into one of their stores. Thanks you Nidhi for going the extra mile!


      Elaine N (Dec. 2018)

      I LOVE my new prescription sunglasses! David Currie was wonderful and helped me pick out the perfect frames. I got my first pair of glasses from the Oakville store. I had difficulty before with progressive lenses until I got them from Squint. I have the Nikon lens which took no time to get used to. I won’t buy glasses from anywhere else.


      Anna S (Dec. 2018)

      What a pleasure shopping for glasses at Squint’s attractive store in Downtown Oakville. Thank you to Nidhi for a thorough consultation, and help to find just the right pair of frames and lenses to suit me. Nidhi also went out of her way to take care of another pair that needed better lenses. I’m really pleased with my new Anne & Valentin specs!!


      Anna H (Nov. 2018)

      Yesterday I picked up my Mykita frames with Zeiss lenses from the Squint Eyewear downtown Oakville. The experience was amazing! Nidhi Rajpura helped my husband and me to choose the best type of frame along with the high quality Zeiss eyeglass lenses. The registered optician Nidhi is highly competent and knowledgeable consultant and eye specialist with real passion, and working with her was a delight. Thank you Nidhi for the great experience!


      Anna B (Oct. 2018)

      5 Star Service. For real. I live right in the heart of downtown TO and made a point of going all the way to the Bayview Village store just to work with David Currie.
      David provided exceptional service and advice and chose the most flattering, distinctive frames to suit my face shape. It was such a pleasant experience because in minutes, he selected several pairs that all looked great (doesn’t usually happen!). Ended up getting two pairs of superb quality glasses and love them both. He’s truly an expert and the nicest guy. First time at Squint and was really impressed with their well-curated range of top quality, stylish frames.


      Dana (Oct. 2018)

      Just picked up my new glasses from the Bayview Village store and I’m thrilled!! Nidhi was a fabulous consultant, her extensive knowledge of all the product in the store and the process with the lenses was stellar. She made choosing from the great selection of frames easier, as she helped match frame shape and colour to suit me perfectly. I highly recommend Squint eyewear, I was even treated to a lovely espresso.  Thank you again !!


      Josie O (Sept. 2018)

      I cannot imagine a better place to buy eyeglasses than at Squint Eyewear in Toronto. The owner and his knowledgeable, competent staff look after every customer with care and attention. The selection of eyewear at the three stores (Uptown Toronto, Bayview Village, Downtown Oakville) is awesome. One never feels rushed, but rather as though it is the staff’s pleasure and commitment to make sure customers are served in the best possible way, and provided with the best solution to their needs. The selection of frames from which to choose is wide ranging. The design of the stores is a feast for the eyes. The staff are a delight to work with. The customer’s satisfaction is guaranteed. In a word, Squint Eyewear is unparalleled.


      Joan M (Sept. 2018)

      I would like you to be aware of the INCREDIBLE service and attention I received when purchasing a new pair of glasses at Squint Eyewear. So, you all know how important a good hairstyle is ….. it should make the best of your features, suit your lifestyle and make you feel good about how you look.  Now, really well-chosen eyeglass frames are equally important.  If you need to wear glasses, why not find a pair that makes you look “fabulous”.  And, if you want fabulous, you need to go consult with Nidhi at Squint Eyewear in Oakville.  Not only is she a registered Optician, she is also an amazing style consultant.  And, trust me, she will help you find “fabulous” from their incredible selection of frames.   She listens so well and is not afraid to tell you if a pair doesn’t suit you very well.  She guides you but the decision is yours.  I just bought my second pair of glasses there and I am delighted with my choice.  I have already received 3 compliments on my “funky” frames.  And, my husband even noticed that I was wearing new glasses !!!  Thank you Nidhi !


      Lesley (August 2018)

      Buying glasses at the Oakville store was a thoroughly satisfying and enjoyable experience. Nidhi Rajpura was amazingly helpful and competent. She quickly identified my requirements and customized a design for my lenses that has worked perfectly. She also helped me select the best frames from a wide selection of very attractive frames. I am impressed by the total commitment to customer service at Squint Eyewear. This is the place to go for glasses if you want the best. Thanks again to Nidhi.


      Robert V. (August 2018)

      I’ve been looking for new glasses for over a year… and found the perfect pair at Squint, Bayview Village. Ensy and David made great suggestions, gave me their honest opinions, and were extremely patient with all of my questions. No pressure, no upselling – just professional high-quality customer service from people who genuinely wanted me to be happy with my purchase. I even got a call from Thibault a few days after I picked up my frames to make sure that I was comfortable with the adjustments. Appreciate all of your help!


      Farah Bhanji-Mohamed (April 2018)

      After purchasing glasses over the years at numerous locations throughout the city….. I’ve at long last found the truly perfect place to purchase frames.

      Squint Eyewear carries the most outstandingly modern frames in colours and shapes that can make it a very challenging job choosing the right frame. The Owner Amin, in his own special way, has gathered an outstanding professional team to help you in your choice. Each member of his Team is knowledgeable, kind, warm, friendly and extremely patient. The after sales attention is phenomenal, no matter how small my request is. I am always met with a warm friendly welcome. Nothing is too much for them. Thank you to The Entire Squint Team.


      Miri. (April 2018)

      I took the opportunity when in the GTA in January 2018 to order new frames and progressive lenses. I left the store satisfied that the trust I had placed in Adriano’s selections this second time would yield great results. And, it did. Both the prescription glasses and a pair of prescription sunglasses couriered to me in Ottawa are superb. I have received lots of compliments. It would be nice if Ottawa had a Squint Eyewear store. Thanks again Adriano.


      Caroline C. (February 2018)

      In December 2017 I purchased new glasses and I was served by Mr. Thibault. He took really good care of me and with professional expertise. He also served me in my own language (French). I am very happy with my new glasses.


      Yolande P. (January 2018)

      This is to thank Candice Chwe for her professionalism helping me chose the best progressive lenses and frame in their store! She was very kind and patient, extremely honest and caring. All other staff members @ Bayview Village store are amazing too! I am very happy I ordered my prescription glasses from them. All the best Candice.


      Elham M. (January 2018)

      I am compelled to express my appreciation for the incredible customer service I received from Thibault, at the Bayview Village location. I walked into the store intending to browse and ended up purchasing a pair of Ann et Valentin glasses. Thibault picked them out for me and was so thorough in explaining point by point why they were perfect for me. I hemmed and hawed over the price as it was far more than I have ever spent on eyewear. But I knew he was correct – and I adore these glasses. I have received endless compliments about how perfect these are for me – everyone wants to know where I got them. Un grand merci a Thibault!!


      Susan C. (October 2017)

      I recently purchased a pair of eyeglasses for my birthday.  The sales staff were amazing! I was helped by Ensy Davatgar and my friend, who I was with, purchased a beautiful pair of sunglasses and was helped by another lovely sales girl.  I had the glasses fitted and provided them with the prescription for my glasses. I asked Ensy if they could put a rush on them so that I could have them for my upcoming trip and she had them ready within a matter of days.  Besides wonderful customer service, when I arrived to pick up my glasses, Ensy and her associate had a birthday card for me! Best service I’ve EVER had at any eyewear store!


      Joey N. (June 2017)

      I stopped in at Squint Uptown just to see if I could find something different and haven’t stopped going back!  Laurie and Samir are amazingly attentive, very knowledgeable, and I have to say simply gave me the best possible experience.  I’ve come away with two pairs of perfect eyeglasses, sunglasses, reading glasses, and soon contacts.  Completely thrilled with the whole experience, from the doctor visit to the selection, fitting and purchase.  I’ve been wearing glasses for 50 years and this is the first time I can say wow, this is what glasses were meant to do for me. It is simply the only place I will purchase my eyewear from now on


      Fiametta (May 2017)

      I want to commend the staff at Squint Oakville.  My husband David and I were more than impressed and pleased with the service we received.  For the many years I have been wearing glasses, I have never had the service I received.  They suggested a frame that I would not have originally picked and explained why they felt it would better suit my face.  I LOVE THEM and have had many compliments on them.  David is next!!  We have found our new eyewear store!


      Karen H (April 2017)

      I stumbled across Squint Eyewear by chance. I went for brunch and was walking through the mall. Knowing I needed a new pair of glasses I waited just a few minutes for the store to open. I was not expecting to buy anything rather just browse for fun. Well that immediately changed the minute I walked through the door and was greeted by Amin. He provided great options for my face shape and really took his time to give me the best possible glasses. It came to the point I could not choose and the staff had to assist in the selection process. I picked up,my glasses today and they are awesome. The nicest glasses I have ever bought. I will be a forever customer of Squint Eyewear and I can’t say enough great things about Amin and the staff at the Bayview location. FANTASTIC!!!!! THANK YOU


      Yvonne (January 2017)

      Thank you to Adriano, Ed and Michelina at Squint Eye wear in Oakville once again for the always Outstanding Service. Our Family Members including my Father and our Son, have purchased Glasses and required upgraded Prescription Lenses here for many Years. The Friendly and Outstanding Service provided to us is always Impeccable! With such Great Service, Selection and Awesome Designer Frames of Tremendous Quality, there is simply no need to go anywhere else. For those who seek the Best in Eye wear these are the People and this is the Place!


      Tom & Sharon (January 2017)

      I’m still smiling from my (first) visit to your Bayview Village location today. Running errands on my lunch hour, I remembered that I needed to have my reading glasses adjusted and (maybe presumptuously) walked into you store for help. I apologize for not knowing the names of the two team members that assisted me, but I must say that I haven’t had that kind of excellent customer service in a very long time. Not only was my issue resolved, the problem was clearly explained to me so i would recognize it if it happened again. While waiting, my eyes landed on a stunning pair of Mykita Mylon sunglasses, and, after a product overview and a few questions expertly answered, I made the purchase. You’re doing everything right, Bayview Squint. Keep it up!


      Daniel (January 2017)

      Thank you Amin for your help, and as usual, outstanding service on the weekend. Being in a service oriented industry, I’am always quick to notice good or bad service when interacting with anyone in business. I can honestly say, you and your staff are exceptional in this category. Thank you and I can’t wait to get my new frames and sunglasses!


      James (January 2017)

      Outstanding Service. Outstanding Quality. Outstanding Company. Customer for life! Thank you to Amin and the entire team at Bayview Squint.


      Susan  (October 2016)

      I had been looking for original, creative and stylish frames for months and then discovered Squint in Oakville.  The frame selection is extensive and varied.  I found several artisinal frames I loved, immediately.  Adriano recommended excellent options.  He was an excellent listener and really understood what I was leaning towards.  My experience at Squint Oakville was top notch.  I highly recommend this, professional, stylish and friendly shop.


      Karen (September 2016)

      Amazing service and incredible selection. I’ve been wearing eyeglasses for over 20 years and this is the first time I felt as though someone was taking proper care to ensure I walked away with a pair of glasses I would love. The team at Squint take the time to understand you before making their recommendations (which are always honest and not simply to make a sale). This won’t be the last pair of glasses I purchase from Squint!


      Denise (September 2016)

      My husband and I recently purchased prescription glasses and sunglasses from Squint in Oakville and everything about the experience was fantastic. Adriano chose amazing frames for each of us, taking into account our faces, personalities and preferences — he has an exceptional eye and Squint carries and amazing range of frame brands and we both ended up with glasses we are very happy with. Adriano went above and beyond to make sure we were completely satisfied with all aspects of the process and the end product. As well, their optometrist was excellent and they had evening appointments available. Definitely by far the best eyewear store I have ever been to and would not go anywhere else!


      Diana (June  2016)

      Went to Squint in Bayview Village on a friends recommendation, couldn’t be happier with my new glasses!! Amin and his staff couldn’t be more helpful and honest as buying glasses when you really can’t see well can be like navigating a mine field. They steer you towards what is best for you even if its less money than what you thought looks great on you, and from my experience they weren’t wrong!!! Helpful, courteous and most importantly honest, it was a wonderful experience and I’m going back for sunglasses!Ensy and all the staff made this such an enjoyable experience.


      Louise (February 2016)

      Recently purchased a pair of Lingberg glasses from Squint Eyewear at Bayview Village and I am happy to have found Squint! Ensy and the team were very professional and knowledgeable. They provided a good judgement and recommendation on choosing a pair of glasses on customer. It was a pleasure experience and I would definitely recommend Squint Eyewear to everyone. Thanks.


      Patrick (May 2016)

      I just purchased a pair of Lindberg glasses from Samir at the Yonge st store. The service was exceptional and Samir has such a good eye for what looks good on customer. I really trusted his opinion and love the new glasses I just got. I wouldn’t go anywhere else..


      Kevin (May 2016)

      My partner and I recently purchased a beautiful pair of glasses each from the new Bayview location of Squint. The selection is amazing (We’ve searched for the last 3 years to find men’s glasses that have colour and a unique design). The service was par none. From beginning to end the quality of the service was excellent! The staff were not at all pushy but extremely knowledgeable. Ensy, Asal and Amin were great, as well as the other staff we encountered! They even followed up to see how happy we were with our purchase. I’m already looking forward to my next eyewear purchase! P.S. I call my Squint glasses my happy glasses because I love the colour! LOL!.


      Alroy and Jean-Francois (February 2016)

      I chose Squint Eyeware because of its amazing selection of frames. I will go back because of the professional and friendly service offered by Amin, Laurie and Diana, the optometrist. Having just recently moved from a small Manitoba town, I am accustomed to small town friendly service and that’s exactly the kind of service offered by Squint. Amin and Laurie helped me select two amazing pairs of frames which I just love. The Squint experience was a joy. Thank you so much.


      Cathy (February 2016)

      I have been to both the Yonge street and Bayview village locations, and am impressed with the high quality of service. The staff – in particular both Ensy and Asal went out of their way to look after my needs and it was a pleasure all around. I would highly recommend them.


      Pam (January 2016)

      I am so happy to have found Squint!!! Having recently purchased two pair of glasses in both the Bayview Village and Oakville shops, I would like to compliment you on your lovely shops, exceptional customer service, unparalleled expertise, beautiful, creative and unique selection of frames. You have made my drives from Collingwood so worth while!! All your staff are extremely knowledgeable, professional, friendly and helpful. Amin, your recommendation for progressive lenses turned out to be the best decision I could have made. Thank you Squint!!! You have truly created a specialty shop for eye wear and deserve your success. Well done!


      Diana (January 2016)

      We loved the wide selection of eye wear with it’s unique design. But what really made us choose Squint is their knowledgeable friendly staffs. They help us pick the best eye wear that will suit our needs. Squint is the best place to be in eye wear.


      Tony (December 2015)

      I was at Bayview Village last week and had to stop at Squint based on the fabulous storefront and interior design. Then I noticed the exceptional frames! I’d no sooner reached for a pair than a friendly sales associate offered her help and an espresso. She is the first ever person in the industry to help me find a frame that suited my face. And no plain Jane frames would do! We chose a great colourful pair from the many on offer. Brilliant customer service and Amin’s follow up was courteous and helpful. No need to check out other places–go straight to Squint!


      Danielle (December 2015)

      I’ve been an Oakville Squint customer for many years, and I can’t imagine going anywhere else for for my eyeglasses. Not only do the staff offer an exceptional selection of handcrafted frames, but they provide the kind of personal service that’s quite rare to experience in today’s retail world. They’re certainly knowledgeable and professional, so their advice and suggestions are constructive and appreciated — but they’re friendly and helpful, too, giving the impression they’re sincerely committed to treating their customers the same way they’d take care of their own friends and family members. I recently had my eyesight tested on-site, as well, and received the same excellent care and attention I’ve come to expect from the store’s sales staff. I’ve been told that this outstanding level of service is consistent across all their locations, so I feel very confident recommending Squint to everyone I know!


      Brian (November 2015)

      Once again the superior customer service at Squint Eyewear in Oakville put the biggest smile on my face. While visiting Oakville from BC, I stopped in to say hello to Adriano and tell him that I still love my Mykita’s. While there, I asked him if he’d look at the stubborn spots on the lenses of my new glasses which I’d purchased from a different store in Vancouver. Without hesitating, Adriano went to work on them, removed all spots then adjusted the frames to better fit my face. Not finished, he then serviced my Mykita’s and gifted me new nose pads and ear thingies for them. WOW. Every compliment you read about the excellent customer service at Squint Eyewear is true. They are THE BEST.


      Carole (October 2015)

      The staff at Squint is knowledgeable, helpful, and all-around professional. They answered all of my questions and took very careful care of my vintage frames when replacing the lenses. Very high quality service, and I will definitely come to them anytime I need any eye-wear-related care again.


      Maria (August 2015)

      I was looking for a frame… nothing else… I walked into Squint Eyewear in Oakville and my life changed… There, I think this is where you find angels. They know exactly what you need. I could not, really could not wear progressive or any kind of glasses but the one to see far and the one to see close. However, one of their angels, and I should say the best one, asked me very gently what I was looking for. I did not want to bother him, I am just a very ordinary person, looking for a nice frame… He talked to me very gently and offer me his time to explain what he could offer me. If I was not satisfied he would just do what I was looking for. Thanks to him, my life has been changed. And not only that is 4-5 years ago, even today, I broke my temples and he is able to replace it. Just walk to Squint Eyewear and an angel will answer you. There are awesome there, my life is so much better since I walked in that beautiful boutique and I wish they would be closer to my home, I would probably be there all the time… to thank them for making my life so much better… even down the stairs… Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are the best… If you want to see the difference, go to Squint Eyewear.


      Viviane (June 2015)

      I have been looking for new frames for about 3 years. But 1) I am incredibly indecisive, 2) I am a student which makes me even more indecisive (due to cost), and 3) I could just never find any frames that I loved. I just happened to be walking by Squint when my boyfriend pointed out it was a glasses shop and that we should go in. I was reluctant because I never find anything and tend to leave overwhelmed and disappointed. I wasn’t in Squint for more than 5 minutes and I had literally 8 frames that I loved and fit me perfectly and that I couldn’t choose between! The staff are SO helpful and knowledgeable. I didn’t even walk around the store picking out frames that I liked. Laurie just seemed to know exactly what would look good on me. Then the owner (Amin) helped me narrow it down to one (and I appreciated his honesty and knowledge – these guys really know their stuff!). They also aren’t “salesy” in any way, which I really appreciate it. The service is impeccable (sparkling water, espresso and biscotti). Overall, just a wonderful experience. Amin is also going to call me in a week to follow up on how I feel about my new glasses. I am moving in a few months and am so sad that I can’t come back to Squint – wish I had found it earlier and wouldn’t want to shop anywhere else!


      Willow (April 2015)

      WOW! I have been wearing glasses since I was in grade 4 which is now over fourty years. Never have I encountered the knowledge, honesty, passion, energy and genuine interest insuring you are happy with the outcome of your vision. Then of course the fact I LOVE my glasses is on top of all of that. Squint you are the whole package… Incredible! Thank you for the best glasses ever and the superb customer experience.


      Laurie (April 2015)

      I am absolutely in love with my new frames! I just experienced my first visit to Squint on Yonge, and I am very happy with the results. Their customer service is quite impressive! They were very kind and professional in helping me choose the best frames that were right for me. It was hard to choose as their selection is to die for! I also had my eye exam at Squint. Again, by far the best experience that I have had. I received a thorough examination and an update on the health of my eyes. Thank you for the remarkable first impression. It’s a lasting one!


      Jennifer (March 2015)

      Just a fantastic experience in buying new glasses at the Yonge Street store. From professional service to delicious espresso and a detailed fitting I not only got great glasses I learned how to use and take care of them. I highly recommend this store.


      Cynthia (February 2015)

      This is the second time we buy buy glasses from Squint and both times we left saying the same thing…wow what great glasses but the service is absolutely incredible. The knowledge and honesty in which they serve you is very impressive. In the past 2 years this is the only place where my wife and I have bought our glasses from. Thanks to the staff and see you next time I need glasses.


      Andre (January 2015)

      Adriano, I must say that my glasses are by far and absolutely the BEST glasses that I have ever owned. They fit like a glove, and I sometimes forget that they are even on! Not only do I love your product, but the service at Squint is exceptional as well, a refreshing change from the retail experience these days, and you have me as a customer for life!


      Claudia (October 2014)

      Amin is a true professional! He knows the eye glass business. I traveled from Collingwood as Squint was the representative for my RX glasses frames (BLAC). He repaired my frames for free, removing parts from his sample glasses rack to fix my frames. I purchased the latest Zeiss lenses. Optics are fantastic. Amin is the only eye glass professional that wanted to check my walk (gait) to see if my RX progressive lenses need to be adjusted for walking versus sitting. No one has ever done that assessment for me. He was right. Laurie shipped my glasses directly to me (original frames, new lenses only) by Canada Post expedited and singable on receiving. Laurie followed up by phone call to confirm I had received my glasses. Amin followed up a day later to ensure the glasses were correct. A very pleasant experience. Service excellent! I would highly recommend Squint Eyewear.


      Douglas (July 2014)

      Amin is a true professional! He knows the eye glass business. I traveled from Collingwood as Squint was the representative for my RX glasses frames (BLAC). He repaired my frames for free, removing parts from his sample glasses rack to fix my frames. I purchased the latest Zeiss lenses. Optics are fantastic. Amin is the only eye glass professional that wanted to check my walk (gait) to see if my RX progressive lenses need to be adjusted for walking versus sitting. No one has ever done that assessment for me. He was right. Laurie shipped my glasses directly to me (original frames, new lenses only) by Canada Post expedited and singable on receiving. Laurie followed up by phone call to confirm I had received my glasses. Amin followed up a day later to ensure the glasses were correct. A very pleasant experience. Service excellent! I would highly recommend Squint Eyewear.


      Joanne (July 2014)

      There are so many positives to buying your glasses at Squint… Let’s start with the most unbelievable team effort of Laurie, Samir and Amin. Their dedication and care to finding the “right” fit is quite astounding. I have and always will recommend “Squint” to anyone who really wants to not only look good, but know you will always get the best service in Toronto. Thank you all so very much.


      Renee (May 2014)

      I have just purchased glasses at the North Toronto Store (opened in November) and the whole experience was the best. Well educated advise and honest opinions were given by both Laurie and Samir. They were efficient, polite and courteous and bent over backwards to make my purchase exactly right. I am thrilled with my new glasses. I would highly recommend Squint. The window display is really well done too. Many thanks to Squint.


      Lyn Austin (March 2014)

      I am wearing my Mykitas every day. They are super comfortable and provide great coverage from the sun. I love the polarized lenses. And I think the Mykitas look pretty cool too.

      Many thanks for your excellent customer service. I am 63 years young so somewhat cautious of online or long distance service, but I have never felt so well supported as a customer ever, including in person.

      Adriano and Squint Eyewear you are The best.


      Carole (January 2014)

      I have to say, I have never in my years have experienced such amazing customer service from an eyewear retailer! Adriano really knows his work and he and the other staff made me feel totally at ease and comfortable when choosing my eye glasses…and not make me feel guilty when I had second thoughts (my husband actually). Thank you Adriano and everyone at Squint Eyewear, I can’t wait for my new glasses!!!


      Janis (October 2013)

      Absolutely LOVE walking past your window. We live in Mississauga but love walking our dog early sunday mornings and we look forward to seeing what your window dresser has created each month. VERY entertaining and creative. When I called to let Lisa know, she made me feel want to come on in for a visit. Thanks!!!


      Joyce (August 2013)

      Hi had the pleasure to visit “squint” today everyone was fantastic. I ordered the most amazing crazy multicoloured frames! Can’t wait for them to arrive thanks to all at Squint. Best service and friendly happy people anywhere.


      Sue (June 2013)

      As a long-term client, I have experienced the uniquely-differentiated level of service that you offer at Squint. Your product selection has always been most appealing, and I have found your attention to detail to be unrivalled. And now, recent events have added a new dimension of my appreciation for you and your team. Your tenacious efforts to repair my damaged frames demonstrate the lengths you will go to in order to satisfy your clients wishes. Your persistance and professionalism is much appreciated


      Graeme (April 2013)

      My dad owned optical dispensaries for decades while I was growing up, and distinctive eyewear became my personal trademark. He’s long out of the business, but I’m continuing my tradition, and the frame that I got from Squint about a year ago garners compliments all the time — it’s both funky and practical, definitely unique. Service was amazing, with quick turnaround and extra help getting them in time before a vacation. Thanks!


      Janine (March 2013)

      Having been a Customer of Squint eyewear for the last four years, I have to say that my experiences as a customer has been nothing less than exemplary. The staff have demonstrated a professional, knowledgeable and courteous attitude. Both my partner and myself have bought over the years several pairs of glasses which are very unique in designs. As a customer I demand that a product be both innovative and stand alone; as of yet I have not been disappointed.

      Squint eyewear is a place where you will develop a fast friendship with the staff while at the same time enjoy frames that are of a stylish nature and at the same time enjoy the latest and most fashionable eyewear in the market. As someone who has been wearing glasses his whole life I cannot think of a better place to purchase my eyewear than Squint.


      Varun (March 2011)