If you are a parent in search of the right pair of glasses for your child, you probably know that walking into an optical store can be confusing, especially if this is your child’s first pair
Staff at Squint share some helpful tips to help you decide what would be the right fit.


1. What to look for when buying glasses for kids?


– You should have a current prescription ready. This will save you time and money from having to switch your lenses too quickly after purchasing a new pair or eyeglasses. But it also helps the optician select the right style of frames based on your child’s prescription.
– Get your child involved in the selection of their glasses.  Kids are likely going to wear their glasses more and enjoy them more, if they “approve” the look of the frames.
– Be mindful of your child’s level of activity… and their level of care for their personal belongings. A child who plays a lot of sports may require a sports frame that’s separate from their everyday eyeglasses. Also, if a child is responsible and takes good care of their belonging can appreciate a finer or more delicate frames compared to the ones with special hinges that are more “accident-forgiving”.
– And finally, consider your child’s facial features. In general, most children’s noses are still developing shape making it difficult for eyeglasses to sit well on the bridge. Therefore it’s important to find a pair that will fit the nose area well. Also many children like to emulate the adults and opt for pairs similar to their parents. In this case the depth of the frame and the arms may not be appropriate.
When selecting eyeglasses for kids, always consult with a licensed Optician to make sure that the glasses are the right fit and shape that is selected for your child.


2. Plastic vs Metal frame; what would you recommend for kids?


It depends on the child’s shape of face and characteristics. Plastic frames tend to be safer for younger children and active children. Metal frames on the other hand have nose pads which are ideal for children with high cheek bones or a very flat nose.


3. Can you share some care tips for the frames?


-Proper care of eyeglasses can increase the life of the frame. For children’s eyeglasses, we recommend cleaning them daily with eyeglass cleaner or with a mild soap & water. And when not in use, store them safely in the case to at all times.
-Squint eyewear also offers complimentary eyeglasses adjustments as part of our kids Frame & Lenses package.  Be sure to visit the store every 3 months for adjustments and inspection of frame.
4. Do you recommend kids to have multiple frames? Won’t they outgrow them too quickly?


A back-up pair is always recommended, especially with children who are active or who have stronger prescriptions and can not be without their glasses for more than a day. We also recommend sport glasses or swim goggles. We strongly recommend to choose frames that fit properly today rather than frames that are a size bigger, as they are not comfortable and will cause more of an issue. Remember to find glasses that will fit for the next 6-12 months and not for the next 3 years.


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