The holidays are right around the corner. Consider donating your old pair of eyeglasses to our Share a Pair program. By recycling your glasses, you will help improve someone else’s sight. Check your old drawers and glasses cases for a long-forgotten pair to donate and come in to Squint Eywear and receive $100 off.


The World Health Organization estimates more than 315 million people suffer from poor vision globally, because they don’t have access to or can’t afford eyewear. These can be easily diagnosed, measured and corrected with spectacles, yet millions of people in developing countries do not have access to these basic services.


How can you help?
Bring your gently used prescription eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses to any of our 3 Squint Eyewear locations and we will ship them to OneSight Global Eye Care. OneSight works with volunteers and doctors to provide free eye exams, vision care and customized prescription glasses to people in need throughout the world.


Give the gift of sight & bring us your old pair of eyewear and get $100 off your next pair. If you don’t have pair to share you can also donate $25 to OneSight and save $50 off your next eyewear. Offer expires on December 31,2015.