Customer Care


As an added benefit to our customers, Squint Eyewear offers a number of complimentary services to ensure that your eyewear is comfortable and looking great:

Complimentary Adjustments

An important part of seeing well is the proper alignment and comfortable fit of your eyeglasses. Our services does not stop the day you pick up your spectacles. At Squint eyewear we provide ongoing care to ensure your glasses continue to feel comfortable and fit properly. If for any reason your glasses seem to need a tune-up, please stop by any of our 3 locations at your convenience and we will be happy to service them at no charge.

Glass Eyewear Care

Here are a few of our recommendations to help maintain your eyewear:

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  • If your lenses are dirty or dusty, squirt a liberal amount of lens cleaning solution onto your lenses. (Always use a high-quality lens cleaner or one that has been staff-recommended).
  • Gently rub your lenses with your fingers to remove any abrasive particles from the surface.
  • Dry lenses with a clean, soft tissue or towel, then clean the lens surface to a pristine finish with the quality lens cleaning cloth provided by us.
  • Avoid cleaning a dry, dirty or dusty lens directly with facial tissues, paper towels or dish towel as this may either scratch your lenses and/or leave an oily residue.


The Squint Eyewear Guarantee

If, for any reason, you are not delighted with any aspect of your eyewear, we will happily exchange them*—at no additional cost, within a thirty (30) day period of your original order. Should you select a frame of higher value, then you will only be required to honour the difference in price. As a courtesy to you, our valued customer, there will be no additional charge to remake your lenses.

*You will be notified when your eyewear is ready. All prescription eyewear must be picked up within twenty one (21) days from the date of notification in order to take advantage of this guarantee.