Colourful glasses Anne et Valentin Kodac, Twice, Carrington

April 25, 2017 Colourful Designer Glasses from Anne et Valentin

Anne & Valentin KODAC 1554 eyeglasses


A bold and colorful frame. Kodak mixes colour and clear acetate flawlessly. A touch intellectual and very Anne & Valentin, this frame is exuberant, unisex and city-friendly. It brings a joyful and enthusiastic expression to the wearer.

Anne & Valentin D-CIMAL 1329 eyeglasses


A hexagonal, rebellious, vivid frame, that offers presence and structure. It has a serious but soft and rather complex style. Highly recognizable and original, it highlights your look and strengthens your features.

Anne & Valentin TWICE H25 eyeglasses


Who says you can only find eye-popping colour in acetates only? This frame is a testament that beautiful, bold colours are also available in titanium as well. Twice is a large, very feminine cat-eye that is oh so current.

Anne & Valentin CARRINGTON 1659 eyeglasses


A classic, easy to wear frame. It immediately opens the eyes up while bringing structure and poise to the more cautious and quiet types. Energy and balance with intelligence and nuance. Voilà!