April 7, 2016 Candy Colored Eyewear

If you have been wearing eyeglasses your whole life, chances are you were teased by the kids in the playground for wearing geeky specs.  No more! Kids eyewear have caught up fast to their trend-setting adult version.
Kids just want to have fun right?  Why shouldn’t that transfer to their eye wear as well?  Etnia Eyewear, known for their cavalcade of colours and combinations of tones and shades, are leading the industry in the choices for candy coloured frames in their younger frame options.


P.S. If the younger collection is not what you’re in the market for not to worry as the bright colour options don’t stop with the kids, Etnia also offers many bold brights you can sport yourself as well.


Check out the collection at Etnia.

Etnia WinkieEtnia Valyria

Etnia MetrovilleEtnia Hogsmeade